Download & Install MySQL 8 Database Server on MacOS 11 Big Sur

How to Install MySQL 8 Database on macOS Big Sur

This lecture teaches you, how to download & install MySQL 8 on macOS 11 Big Sur Step-by-Step! If you are using Windows 10, then checkout this How to download & install MySQL 8.0 on Windows 10 operating system tutorial article.

Checkout YouTube video tutorial showing MySQL installation on MacOS 11 Big Sur!

If you want to learn SQL OR work on MySQL database projects, You must have MySQL database server installed & running on your computer. In this tutorials we will Learn how to download and install MySQL 8 database server on macOS 11 Big Sur Step-by-Step!

Please Note: In my case, I’m using MAC OS 11 also known as MAC OS Big Sur. You may be using a different version of MAC OS. But the installation steps given in this video will be similar. So, let’s get started.

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