About PnTutorials

About PnTutorials - Pradnyankur Nikam

Hi, I am Pradnyankur Nikam from Pune, Maharashtra, India. I’m an Udemy instructor, freelance web developer, PHP, MySQL & WordPress developer. This is about PnTutorials page.

After completing my post graduation in 2008, I started developing websites for myself & clients. During my 10+ years freelancer carrier, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to build websites, databases, APIs, troubleshoot errors, setup web servers and much more. I’ve practical experience of working on thousands of projects. And it would be my pleasure to share my experience with you.

Experience: 10+ years as web developer

Skills: Programming & Database Development (JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress)

Here on PnTutorials, my main aim is to share my knowledge by providing quality tutorials on web development & database development topics. If you haven’t subscribed to PnTutorials newsletter or PnTutorials YouTube channel, then checkout and subscribe both of them. And join my on this learning journey!

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